The Sure Daily Profiting! COTPs Exchange Arbitrage

A quick look at what Exchange Arbitrage Trading is, check the Video on Cryptos OTC Platform, the biggest  Exchange Arbitrage. Start Making $1000+ daily, Get in NOW

Overview of Cryptos OTC Arbitrage Trading Platform  (COTPS)

COTPS uses a complex Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to automatically BUY digital currency (USDT TRC20) at LOW PRICES and SELL at HIGHER PRICES. You can make your search of the Price of a particular Crypto in two different exchanges to see the Price differential. Please, bear in mind COTP is NOT an Investment Company, but a Trading Platform with specific in Crypto P2P or Over The Counter Trading (OTC)


Make 0.3% to 3.3% Daily Trading USDT Arbitrage P2P High-Frequency Trade System:

The system buys USDT-TRC20 in one exchange & sells at another exchange in milliseconds for the profit of the difference in Price. Minimum Start up is 10$, and there is No Maximum. You simply register using your Phone number, and then fund your account with USDT-TRC20 & you’re ready to put your funds to work. 

Withdrawal Evidences as show in the video below

Proof of COTP Registration & Regulations

  1. Details about the site registration, go to
  2. COTP is duly registered in the USA and Canada, look it up as ‘Cryptos OTC Trading Platform LTD’ here

Start Earning MASSIVELY On COTPs

Watch Video On How To Register Below

Steps To Register, Fund & Trade on COTP Platform

Registration Link On COTP  

  1. Click the above registration button to register, see video above (Ref Code: 730051)
  2. Login with your Phone # and Password
  3. To Fund, click on Mine menu, then click on Recharge to retrieve (Copy) your USDT TRC20 Deposit Wallet
  4. Send/Transfer the amount you want to begin the USDT (TRC20) Trading with, then click on Transaction Hall, follow by Clicking on Immediate Competition for Orders to Authorize Trade
  5. You come back after 2hrs 10mins, your Trading amount & Profit will be returned to your wallet balance & you can withdraw or Authorize another Orders (form of Compounding)
  6. Referral is Optional, but if you engage in Recruiting, you earn extra from LV1 to LV3
  7. Set Your Phone alarm as reminder

 1. Withdrawal is Instant
 2. If you do not Authorize trade Order, No Earning(s)
 3. To Withdraw $200+, it requires you do KYC
 4. Ensure you double check your USDT TRC20 Wallet address entered
 5. If you have TEAM (Referrals), go to MINE menu to Receive your commissions earned under MY TEAM submenu
 6. Earn up to 3.3% daily
 7. There are 12 Sessions of Trade Order per day and each trade session gives 0.3%

CAUTION: Please, understand that COTPs is an online Platform, once you have covered your SEED MONEY withdraw your Capital, and you can achieve this in one month or even less.

We engaged in the business of investment information purposes and all content on this webpage should not be construed as an INSTRUCTION TO INVEST. 
Though, we have investment running with Cryptos OTC Platform Ltd (COTPs), the decision to deposit is purely yours and not of the site owner. There are risks involved in every investment or income opportunity be it online or offline. Remember, always Invest Responsibly